A Winner is someone who stormed Takeshi's Castle in the show down, in order to do that, a player must shoot Takeshi's dodgem on target until either a hole appears on the paper rings or when smoke appears on the dodgem. The winner gets 1 Million yen (around £6,000 today) There were 8 episodes that ended in a win, some of them were spotted by Craig Charles and some of them he didn't mainly because Takeshi's cart is close to the contestants cart and he thought Takeshi shot the contestant.

Winners listEdit

Episode 31 (UK S2 EP9, The only winner with the Takeshi doll)

Episode 78: Parent & Child special (UK S4 EP22)

Episode 88 (UK Special 5)

Episode 99: Regional Special (UK S1 EP39)

Episode 113: Parent & Child special (UK S1 EP18, Craig did not spot that winner)

Episode 118 (UK S1 EP21, Craig did not spot that winner)

Episode 123 (UK S1 EP26, First winner Craig spotted)

Episode 124: College Girls special (General Tani's win, UK S1 EP27, Craig did not spot that winner)

Disqualified winnersEdit

Episode 9: Because the gun stabbed Takeshi's cart and not got shot by water (UK S2 EP5, Craig did say it was a winner)

Episode 20: Takeshi's cart got stuck on the grass (UK S3 EP18)


In Takeshi's Castle Rebooted, General Tani said there were 9 winners altogether even though it's actually 8, I guess he included the first disqualified winner

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