Sumo Rings
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In 'Sumo Rings' there are five different coloured rings; red, blue, yellow, green and purple, each with a different guard inside. To begin, the contestant has to pick a ball at random out of a box. The colour of the ball they pick corresponds to the colour of a ring, telling the contestants which guard they have to fight.

Now it's a straightforward sumo match. The fighters have to try and get their opponent on the ground or out of the ring to win. If the contestant wins the match they move onto the next game, but if they lose they've lost the game.

Some guards are a lot easier to beat than others. Regular fighters include 'Spud' (a guard in a big Konishiki Yasokichi head costume) who is the easiest to beat, Shin Suganuma (a weedy little guard), and Shinoburyo (/'Porker', a fat guard) who is the hardest to win against.

In the family special version, the parent and child fight the chosen guard at the same time.

The game was changed once for a special version. After the contestant picks a ball to determine their opponent, both of them have to stand back-to-back on a small round platform in water. When the fight begins, the guard and contestant have to try and push each other off by only using their bums. 

If the contestant gets pushed off and into the water they lose the game; but if they manage to get the guard off first they win, and move onto the next round.


Takeshi's Castle ThailandEdit

Sumo Rings Thailand

Simply known only as "Sumo" in this version

Instead of putting your hand through the hole and selecting the ball, contestants now pick a sword and whatever colour it's on will be the guard you are fighting against.