Slippery Wall
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All the contestants have to try and climb up this steep slippery slope to make it into the castle grounds. There are ropes place at the top of the wall to help, but the contestants have to get most of the way up the slope to reach them. 

Once up, they have to slide down the slope on the other side, usually ending up in water traps or pools of mud. Any contestant that hasn't managed to get over the wall before the whistle blows is out of the game. 

The final time this game was played, lots of balls were hanging from wires in the air above the slope on the back of the wall. This time, once the contestants have climbed up, they have to grab a ball on their way down the other side. The contestants need to have a ball of their own to move on, anyone who doesn't get one loses and is out of the game. 


Takeshi's Castle ThailandEdit

Slippery Wall Thailand

To make things harder; there are Guards at the top spraying the wall, and the contestants, with water cannons.

In Episode 2, 2aterbombs are thrown at the contestants.

In Episode 4, tomato ketchup is squirted down the wall.

In some episodes, oil is poured down the wall to make it even more slippery.

In Episodes 16 & 30, guards dangle extra ropes - some of which aren't fixed on.

In Episode 33, laundry detergent is poured down the wall.

In Episode 43, guards pour disinfectant down the wall to make it wet.

In Episode 44, buckets of purple "chemicals" are dumped on contestants.

In Episodes 48, guards pour melted chocolate over the contestants.

In Episodes 51 & 73, Buckets of paint powder are dumped on contestants.

In Episodes 53 & 69, Guards cover contestants in sun cream. In Episode 58, the guards throw balls at the contestants as they climb. In Episodes 60 & 76, Guards throw buckets of slime at the contestants.

In Episode 63, a gloopy "virus"-filled mixture is poured on contestants.

In Episode 65, buckets of mud are dumped on the contestants.

In Episode 70, water balloons full of slippery oil are thrown at contestants.


Takeshi's Castle Indonesia Edit

Slippery Wall Indonesia

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