Skipping Stones
Skipping stones writing

The contestant has to cross a lake by using stepping-stones. All the stones look identical, but only some of them are solid. The other stones aren't supported, so will sink when trodden on.

If the contestant manages to get across the lake, without falling in the water, they win the game.

In some early games, a Knock Knock wall is added to the bank on the other side of the lake. If a contestant manages to get across the water, they are faced with a wall that has four doors in it. Two of the doors are real, but the other two aren't.

The contestant has to run full-speed at a door. If it's made of paper they will burst through it, if not they bounce straight off and lose. The contestant has to make it though the wall to win the whole game.

Later, a second wall was added behind the first. The contestant now has to get through a correct door in both walls to win the game.


Takeshi's Castle ThailandEdit

Skipping Stones Thailand

Same as before, but from Episode 15 onwards The difficulty was increased, with the pool being extended and extra stones added.

Items blocked the middle route across the stones twice, in Episode 62 was a giant rose while in Episode 80 it was a cactus

In Episode 75, contestants must wear an eyepatch to impair their vision.


Takeshi's Castle IndonesiaEdit

Stepping Stones Indonesia

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