Dominoes writing

The contestant has to run across the top of a row of 16 giant dominoes to reach the finishing platform. They need good balance but also speed as the dominoes are very easily toppled, and once one falls it will knock all the rest down too.

If a contestant manages to make it across all 16 dominoes they win the game, but if they fall off they've lost.

In the family version of this game, the parents and kids are connected together with a rope. The parent has to run across the top of the 16 dominoes as usual, but now the kid also has to run across 16 smaller dominoes along side them.

As they're tied together the pair have to both keep balance and good timing. If one of them falls off they'll bring the other down with them, and if one of them goes too fast they'll drag them both off balance and come tumbling down.


Takeshi's Castle Thailand Edit

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'Dominoes' was featured on 'Takeshi's Castle Thailand', as well, there are now only 14 dominoes to cross unlike 16.

In Episode 39, a domino is removed, forcing the contestant to jump a longer distance to the next domino.

In Episode 49, the dominoes were formed in a curve. They started off in the middle, curved to the left and then curved back to the middle.

In Episode 55, contestants must cross the dominoes whilst holding a stuffed teddy.

In Episode 73, giant party poppers are set off next to players as they pass.