Charles provided the voice over
 commentary for the UK version of Takeshi's Castle shown on Challenge. Charles co-wrote the scripted sections and commentated throughout all 122 episodes of the four series, and the special episodes. He provided comedy insights into the contestants' abilities, which were designed to appeal to adult audiences, as well as younger viewers.


  • as my old dad used to say...
  • what a wazzock
  • our man with the tan, the ladies' favourite, General Lee, psyches up his one hundred kamikaze cousins
  • into the drink
  • the ultimate shin shredder
  • answers on a postcard please
  • I never thought I'd said that on the television
  • Happy Clappy Jappy Chappies
  • new ribs/teeth/spine/balls/etc., please!
  • Bye Bye Baby (usually during Furious Flashback)
  • no winners this time on Takeshi's Castle
  • don't let them penetrate your ring!
  • he's penetrated his own ring!
  • back to the happy farm
  • the mud is specially imported from a pig farm in Southern Japan
  • The Future's Orange (usually when he sees a contestant wearing something orange)