Avalanche writing

In 'Avalanche' the contestant has to try and get to the top of a steep uphill channel while avoiding giant boulders being rolled down towards them.

In the walls at the side are several gaps. To avoid a boulder, the contestant can try to hide in these gaps until it has passed. This isn't easy though, as there are guards waiting in the gaps to try and push the contestant back out. Once a contestant has left a gap it closes up, so they can't get back in again and have to move on further.

If a contestant manages to get all the way to the fortress at the top of the hill they win, and are through to the next game. But if they get hit by a boulder, even if it doesn't send them rolling down the hill, they're out.

Along with the boulders the guards also throw down smaller rocks to get in the way and make climbing the hill even harder.


Takeshi's Castle Thailand Edit

Avalanche Thailand

Known as "Runaway Rockaway" in this version

Contestants have to climb up a hill avoiding the boulders of all sizes rolled down by the guards up top, while their are four slots with a guard in each one waiting to push the contestant back onto the main pathway.

In episode 3, the guards were armed with buckets of water to make the slope slippery.

In Episode 7, each guard in a slot held a water pistol to shoot the contestants with water.

In episode 9, tennis balls are rolled from the top of the hill to trip up contestants while episodes 16 and 45 has a bunch of small balls rolling down.

In some episodes, each guard in a slot has a shield, making it harder for contestants to stand in the slots.

In Episode 14, each guard in a slot holds a cake to smash in the contestants' faces.

In Episodes 17 and 46, two fire-hoses spray from the top of the hill making it tougher to climb.

In Episode 48, guards make loud noises to expel players from safetly gaps.

Musical Instruments: In episode 48, each guard in a slot is armed with a horn or pair of cymbals to distract contestants.